Supplying Strong Documentation for VA Disability Rating Increases

How we can assist you with strong Disability Benefit Questionnaires to Support your Claim.

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Your disability rating is assigned by the VA based on the severity of your service-connected disabilities. However, some Veterans may feel that their service-related conditions have worsened, or that their previously approved disability benefits are no longer adequate. In these circumstances, it may be time to supply the VA with updated medical evidence that accurately represents your disabilities. With our expert attention to your disabilities, you'll have the proper documentation that accurately represents your worsening condition.

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REE Medical is a neutral third-party that specializes in helping Veterans obtain Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQs) and detailed and comprehensive Nexus letters. Our genuine dedication to veterans nationwide is what sets us apart. During our free consultation, we'll review your current rating and your worsening conditions with you and determine if we're the right fit for you. We are on a mission to assist veterans who need to support their claim for a VA disability increase by providing accurate DBQs.

Our Process

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We are here to ensure your documentation is accurate, complete, and in line with VA criteria. You'll answer a detailed questionnaire and be seen by a neutral third-party physician familiar with the VA claims process.


Once you have received your completed DBQs, you’ll be able to submit your documents with confidence that they properly reflect your condition.

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As a neutral third-party, we are committed to helping veterans who are searching for strong documentation to support their claim. We do not have a direct interest in the outcome of our client’s claims, but we will do our best to improve your changes of a favorable outcome by helping you obtain a strong disability benefit questionnaire. Leverage our experience and track record in assisting Veterans nationwide.

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We know that one of the best ways to get a disability increase is to submit medical documentation that properly reflects your case. We work with a network of experienced medical professionals who understand the claims process and the requirements for strong documentation. You can rest at ease knowing that you have a team of medical professionals who care about honesty, accuracy, and your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you increase VA disability rating?

The Department of Veterans Affairs ultimately makes the final decision on all claims submitted. Our role in the process is to match you with skilled neutral third-party medical professionals who will provide detailed, accurate, and complete DBQs that support your worsening condition. We find that quality DBQs result in a higher quality claim submittal, and less stress for you and your family.

Does the VA give back pay for the increase?

If your disability increase claim is approved, you may be entitled to back pay or retroactive benefits. However, this is ultimately up to the VA and as a neutral third party, we do not have any say on whether or not they will grant this.

How to get a VA disability increase?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. To be eligible for a VA disability increase, you must submit a claim and have your level of disability evaluated. Increased claims are complex and depend on the severity of your conditions and the VA’s Schedule for Rating Disabilities.  The requirements for a higher rating under the applicable VA diagnostic codes can be difficult to meet. The best way to attempt to get a disability increase is to submit strong documentation that will support your application and potentially impact the quality of your completed DBQ.

How long does it take to get a VA disability increase once I submit the documentation provided by REE Medical?

The period of time between submitting a claim for a VA disability increase and the time when the decision on your claim is reached depends on various circumstances, but the process normally lasts several months.

Should I increase my VA rating?

If your service-connected disabilities have gotten worse, it may be time to file a claim with the VA and submit documentation that reflects the current state of your condition. Our DBQ services are available nationwide and abroad. The DBQs we supply will detail your conditions based on your current conditions. Accurate medical documentation does not guarantee your desired outcome, but it is an essential step in the claim filing process as it provides strong and stable support to your claim. Contact us to learn more about the process and our role in it!