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What is a Nexus Letter?

A Nexus Letter is a detailed report created by a neutral, third-party doctor that links a veteran's disability or current medical condition to one or more events that occurred during their military service. Its purpose is to help a veteran seek service-connected compensation in opposition to the Veterans Affairs rejection of a recently or previously submitted claim. At REE Medical, we work with licensed medical practitioners who have the knowledge and experience necessary to write effective Nexus letters for veterans that will help them obtain the benefits they deserve.

Trusted & qualified doctors

REE Medical treats each case with utmost compassion and professionalism. We have established a nationwide network of certified medical providers who have an in-depth understanding of VA claim requirements and terminology. We can provide you with a highly detailed Nexus Letter for primary disabilities and other secondary disabilities that will help you present the strongest possible case to the Veterans Affairs.

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We are passionate about helping our veterans and provide a comprehensive service that ensures precise medical documentation, as well as these additional benefits:


We focus on connecting our veterans to physicians who'll complete and precise Nexus Letters that connect their condition to their time in service.


We have created a network of experienced and qualified third-party physicians dedicated to giving you accurate documentation about your condition.


We are aware of your struggles and we do all in our power to ensure a seamless and caring process for acquiring your Nexus Letter

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