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Department: Sales

Job Description:

The Benefit Consultant is responsible for contacting incoming leads to explain REE Medical's services and build ongoing customer relationships. Evaluates if a veteran is a candidate for REE Medical’s service by conducting free consultations with veterans to discuss disability(ies) and symptom progression.


• Establish, develop, and maintain positive business and customer relationships

• Contact new leads that come in through our CRM in a timely manner

• Develop weekly and monthly sales goals

• Achieve sales goals through implemented processes

• Coordinate sales efforts with team members and other departments

• Preparing and submitting sales invoices

• Maintaining and overseeing client records and accounts

• Establish, develop, and maintain strong and ongoing relationships with clients

• Identify prospective clients, lead generation, and conversion

• Presents solutions and overcome objections to close deals

Required Skills/Experience:

• 2+ years of experience as an Inside Sales Representative (preferred)

• Previous experience as an Inside Sales Representative in the medical industry (preferred)

• 2+ years' experience working in a CRM (preferred)

• Comfortable training via video and telephone calls using our remote training system

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and navigating multiple platforms including email, chat, CRM, etc.

• Prioritizing, time management, and organizational skills

• Highly motivated with a proven track record in sales

• Excellent selling and communication skills

• Relationship management skills

• High school diploma or equivalent

• At least two years' related experience required


Department: Client Support

Job Description:

Client Support Specialists assist REE Medical in providing clients with quality customer service. Client Support Specialists must multi-task and seamlessly field a high volume of calls, emails, and messages simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. A successful Client Support Specialist is detail-oriented, a quick learner with a positive attitude, and thrives in a team environment.


• Respectfully assist veterans with a variety of inquiries by providing information and resolving problems.

• Inform potential customers of REE Medical’s service offerings and add new leads to the CRM.

• Acknowledge and resolve customer complaints.

• Manage a high volume of inbound and outbound calls.

• Always maintain a positive and professional attitude towards clients and staff.

• Respond to all calls, system tags, and messages in a timely manner.

• Maintain a high level of veteran satisfaction and demonstrate commitment to quality when interacting with clientele.

• Succinctly and accurately document all client interactions in REE Medical’s CRM.

• Meet the performance goals established for the position in the areas of efficiency, call quality and attendance.

• Maintain strict patience and company confidentiality.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Experience:

• 2+ years of experience in a Customer Service role

• Ability to work independently on a day-to-day basis with support from a remote team

• Excellent attention to detail

• Ability to deescalate challenging and/or emotional situations

• Ability to prioritize and multi-task

• Self-motivated: ability to self-teach, in addition to provided training, using written and video guides as references

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Willingness to receive and implement feedback

• Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills

• Prior experience working with veterans or military (preferred)

• Knowledge of VA disability ratings and claims (preferred)

• Must have a functioning and reliable computer, internet, and cell phone

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and basic computer skills

• Comfortable training via video and telephone calls using remote training systems

• Ability to utilize multiple platforms to communicate within Departments and Team

• Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk, working on a computer, and talking on phone or video calls


Department: Client Support

Job Description:

This is a unique position in our Customer Service Department that is responsible for working closely with veterans that have been denied an accurate disability benefit rating. The individual will require the ability to liaise with a law firm and VA-accredited attorney while simultaneously managing an internal case file for the Veteran. The ideal applicant will have the ability to empathize and connect with veterans, be proactive, engage in effective communication, and process case files efficiently.


• Review Rating Decision Letters

• Discuss appeal process and next steps with veterans

• Maintain communication with veterans (via phone call and email)

• Work and communicate with all other departments

• Work with finance to send invoices and confirm payment status

• Liaise with law firm to discuss appeals and cases/courses of action

• Follow up with veterans waiting for a VA claim decision

• Oversee veteran requests for additional information/documentation

• Provide solutions and focus on conflict resolution

• Remain organized and pay close attention to all details

• Maintain professionalism/responsibility when speaking with colleagues and veterans

• Be flexible with tasks and workload

• Show adaptability and willingness to learn or change processes

Required Skills/Experience:

• Knowledge base around VA disability claims, VA claim denials, and the VA appeals process (preferred)

• Previous experience working on medical insurance claim denials and appeals would be beneficial (preferred)

• Previous experience working with a CRM (preferred)

• Ability to use chat messaging

• Previous experience with, RingCentral, Microsoft Office products, Zoho CRM (preferred)

• Excellent attention to detail

• Excellent communication skills

• Self-motivated: ability to self-teach using written and video guides as references

• Organized, responsible, and strong written and verbal communication skills


Department: Marketing

Job Description:

The Consumer Engagement Specialist will be responsible for working with the marketing team, creating content solutions and designs with measurable impact, and helping present our services in a breakthrough way. You will write and coordinate multiple strategic communications projects from concept development through completion. Provides copywriting services and executes special projects. Works with minimal supervision and is responsible for making an established range of decisions, escalating to the manager when appropriate and updating the manager regularly.


• Writing, developing and implementing marketing content including website, social, email, search engines, and printed materials under the direction of the Marketing Manager; with a strong emphasis on writing and content marketing.

• Partner with our Marketing Analyst to create and monitor Google Ads.

• Accelerate lead creation, conversion, and revenue by providing compelling and high-engagement content.

• Build-out and implement an email marketing campaign.

• Create marketing content that builds brand preference, engagement, brand authority, and website traffic.

• Craft original content, generating, researching, and pitching ideas for blogs.

• Writing, editing, and publishing blog content.

• Publish and activate content on several platforms using content management processes, tools, and systems.

• Identify and present new ideas for campaign optimization to leadership.

• Partner with our marketing technology specialist to collect, analyze, and report on content marketing KPIs to inform and optimize ongoing content marketing efforts.

• Build scalable designs to address the varied needs of the marketing team and wider organization.

• Revise existing material to bring up to current graphic standards.

• Drafting, editing, and issuing press materials

• Communicates with media to pitch story ideas and cultivate relationships.

• Create and maintain targeted media lists.

Required Skills/Experience:

• Ability to design projects that show a strong creative vision and a well-defined creative strategy

• Advanced knowledge with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads

• Advanced knowledge in navigating social media such as Facebook and Instagram with an understanding of how keywords boost marketing effectiveness

• Ability to create original content relevant to promoting REE Medical

• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines while enjoying a fast work environment

• Exceptionally strong attention to detail

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Ability to think outside the box

• 3+ years experience with copywriting for digital ads and social media-REQUIRED

• 2+ years experience in professional blogging or blog editing-REQUIRED

• Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Communications-PREFERRED


Department: Medical Services

Job Description:

Physician Recruiters are responsible for identifying and contracting clinics and providers for physical and mental health disability assessments. Recruiters work alongside other staff in the Medical Services Department to ensure REE Medical maintains quality providers. Recruiters are also responsible for tracking metrics, determining areas of need, and helping to facilitate change for optimal success.


• Contract and onboard clinics and providers by researching potential clinics and providers, conducting cold calls, and emailing prospective clinics.

• Verify credentials for clinics and providers according to VA guidelines.

• Understand REE Medical’s reimbursement schedule and negotiate contracts accordingly.

• Interact with other departments regularly regarding veterans waiting for exam coverage.

• Provide status updates and call veterans waiting to schedule with providers.

Required Skills/Abilities:

• Experience in a remote work environment with proven success (preferred)

• High School Diploma or equivalent

• 2+ years prior experience in physician recruitment or provider relations

• Superior attention to detail

• Comfortable making cold calls

• Self-motivated

• Strong time management and organizational skills with the ability to exceed goals

• Must be a strong communicator and capable of expressing oneself clearly and professionally, both when speaking and in writing

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

• Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


Department: Finance

Job Description:

Financial specialists help REE Medical provide clients with quality customer service in the Finance Department. Finance specialist must multitask and will manage a busy list of tasks simultaneously with a high volume of calls, emails, and messages in a fast-paced environment. A successful Finance Specialist is detail-oriented, has strong knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles, and excellent mathematical skills.


• Generate and process invoices confirming contractual compliance; follow up with clients & contractors as needed.

• Process and prepare financial statements.

• Manage and accept incoming payments.

• Update financial spreadsheets and databases with daily transactions.

• Acknowledge and resolve customer complaints.

• Manage a high volume of inbound and outbound calls, including conducting outgoing calls for collection.

• Meet the performance goals established for the position in the areas of efficiency, call quality, and attendance.

• May support payroll.

• Review and perform financial audit reports.

• Collect and review data for reports.

• Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:

• Proven experience as a Financial Specialist, Financial Analyst, or experience in a related role

• Ability to work independently on a day-to-day basis with support from a remote team

• Excellent attention to detail

• Ability to prioritize and multi-task

• Strong understanding of financial and accounting details

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Willingness to receive and implement feedback

• BS in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or a related field preferred


Department: Affiliates

Job Description:

The Affiliate Manager is responsible for leading a remote team of individuals in providing administrative and customer service-related support to REE Medical’s team of affiliates. Oversee day-to-day department functions, drive results, foster employee growth, audit work quality, and implement continuous process improvements. Develop and maintain constructive working relationships between internal REE Staff, the affiliate support staff, and REE Medical’s team of affiliates. Execute company policy and develop/draft department policy in accordance with company goals and procedures. Track and evaluate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual department data.


• Manage the affiliate support staff on a day-to-day basis and collaborate with key personnel, department managers, affiliates, and directors as needed.

• Monitor, track, and approve non-exempt employee time off requests and time sheets.

• Understand and maintain knowledge of the VA’s Rating Schedule.

• Understand REE Medical’s internal disability review guide content and provide insight and clarity regarding veteran case progression.

• Ensure department compliance with REE Medical’s policy and procedures.

• Conduct weekly department meetings and bi-weekly staff check-ins to distribute key information and updates.

• Ensure affiliate questions are addressed in an accurate and timely manner across all platforms.

• Oversee department and individual staff productivity logs and address issues/concerns appropriately.

• Conduct employee performance reviews and implement performance improvement plans when necessary.

• Conduct new employee interviews and participate in new hire onboarding and initial training.

Required Skills/Abilities:

• High school diploma or equivalent required.

• 2+ years of direct management experience required.

• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

• Ability to plan and execute strategy.

• Goal-oriented and self-motivated.

• Experience working in a remote environment preferred.

• Previous experience in or knowledge of the VA disability industry preferred.


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