How to Support Military Families Abroad and Close to Home

Finding creative ways to show support for military families

Deployments are a stressful time for military families. Having your loved one in harm’s way a world away is difficult, to say the least. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are missed, communication is limited or even nonexistent at times, and feelings of loneliness are the norm.

It’s important to show support for families abroad and here at home. 

Everyone has a role to play in supporting military families – not just their friends and neighbors. Employers, educators, community leaders, government leaders, and health care professionals can all help support military families in unique ways.

Here are some simple ways to show support for military families in your own community.

Volunteer and hang out

Look for opportunities to help by matching your own talents and resources with the needs of another.  Organizations all over the country are helping military families in unique ways.  Whether it is with time, money, or their talents, it is the volunteers who make the difference. 

Better yet, spend time with a spouse of a deployed service member.  What a better way to show your support than to actually be there for another person during a lonely and stressful time.  Bake or cook a home cooked meal for them. 

Send a care package

Receiving a care package from home can be a morale booster for deployed service members.  However, it doesn’t always have to be a traditional package.  Soldiers enjoy receiving cards in the mail as well.  If you are looking for tips on how to send out a care package, check out this helpful article.

Show your appreciation and be understanding

Always be understanding and appreciative of what the military are going through and what they have endured.  Make military children feel welcome when they arrive at new schools.  Be understanding if they missed a deadline while settling into a new environment.  Try to be sympathetic and accommodating when a military family moves into the neighborhood.  It is difficult to move as often as military families are required and can be challenging. 

Finally, never take for granted the individual freedoms these service members work tirelessly to safeguard and defend, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. They do it not only for themselves, but for their family members who support them daily in their patriotic service and privilege.

If you are looking for ways to support a military family, there are countless ways.  Be creative!   If you didn’t see an idea that suits you, here’s a list of 99 ways to get involved to help support the troops, their families, and the nation.