Receive Accurate Medical Documentation to Support Your Disability Rating Increase

  • Connecting you with the leading medical professionals in your area.
  • Ensuring thorough examination by a neutral third-party physician. 
  • Providing detailed DBQs with precise terminology and proper verbiage. 
  • Offering comprehensive nexus letters to support service-connection.
  • Keeping your best interests at heart and understanding your struggles.

Detailed documentation for your disability rating increase process

We supply detailed Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) that properly reflect your worsening symptoms of your service-connected disability that you may submit as part of your claim for a VA disability benefit increase. Your DBQs will be completed by a top-notch medical provider who understands the claims process and what’s needed for strong documentation. We understand how indispensable accurate and detailed documentation of the severity of your symptoms can be for your claim. When you choose REE Medical to provide your DBQs, you’ll be confident that you’re submitting medical documentation to the VA that properly reflects your case.

Neutral medical professionals for independent and honest exams

We have a nationwide network of qualified and experienced neutral third-party physicians familiar with the claims process for a VA disability rating increase. They’ll perform a thorough medical examination based on your current service-related condition and ensure an accurate and detailed DBQ you can use to strengthen your claim. From back and knee pain to sleep apnea, migraines, and other conditions and disabilities, the doctors in our network carry out targeted exams to confirm your symptoms are accurate, on-going, and thoroughly documented.

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Reap the benefits of working with REE Medical

We are passionate about helping our veterans and provide a comprehensive service that ensures precise medical documentation, as well as these additional benefits:


We focus on giving our veterans complete and precise DBQs that support their worsening conditions and provide the necessary proof for their claim.


We have created a network of experienced and qualified third-party physicians dedicated to giving you accurate documentation about your condition.


We are aware of your struggles and we do all in our power to ensure a seamless and caring process for acquiring your Disability Benefits Questionnaire.

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How We Can Help!

Are you currently working on increasing your VA Disability Rating?

REE Medical supports veterans in obtaining accurate, thorough medical documentation that can be submitted as part of a VA claim in support of increasing service-connected disabilities.

Are you currently working to service-connect a disability after being denied?

When a veteran seeks to establish service-connection of a condition after it has been denied, they may benefit from a type of evidence called a Nexus Letter. A Nexus Letter is an independent medical opinion of a neutral third-party physician that supports the connection between time in service and a disability. REE Medical can assist veterans in obtaining strong Nexus Letters to include in their VA claim for service-connection.

Are you in need of a medical exam for a VA Disability Rating increase claim?

REE Medical works with a network of medical providers nationwide and overseas who care about the veteran community. These top-notch providers understand the VA claims process and what is required for strong documents that accurately reflect the severity of a condition.

Needing insight in the VA claims process?

While REE Medical cannot advise veterans on the claims process itself, over the years, REE Medical has been fortunate to help thousands of veterans obtain the medical documentation they need for their VA disability claims. In helping those veterans, we've gained a unique insight to the complex claims process. We share that knowledge with every veteran we assist, helping them feel confident in obtaining the proper documentation to support their claim.