Why We Do It

Over the past twenty years, the founders of REE Medical have examined veterans for a wide variety of medical complications directly related to their service in the Armed Forces. As the Veterans Administration progressively complicated the disability claims process, our doctors noticed that the VA was not adequately examining veterans, and many struggled to obtain accurate medical documentation to support their disability claims. Today, REE Medical works with a network of doctors nationwide who believe that veterans deserve the very best our country has to offer, including our respect, compassion, and help in any way we can offer it. REE Medical is dedicated to getting veterans accurate, thorough medical assessments and ensures that each veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. When you choose REE Medical, your case will be handled with expert attention, detail and care. We are passionate about helping veterans receive the examinations and accurate documentation that they deserve. When you work with REE Medical, you will have a team who cares about honesty and accuracy.
Our Mission Statement

At REE Medical we are dedicated to ensuring that veterans receive accurate and thorough Disability Benefit Questionnaires.

Our Values

  • Help veterans obtain benefits
  • Provide exceptional service
  • Helping you obtain quality disability benefit questionnaires that accurately reflect your disability(s).
  • Assistance in navigating the complex process of submitting a claim

Our Process

Our process to help our clients is simple.

Free Consultation

After submitting your online inquiry, one of our Benefit Consultants will call you directly. We will review your current disability breakdown one-on-one with you and discuss each disability that you aim to increase. This is a great time to ask any questions about our process and let us know how your conditions have worsened. We will then determine if our service is the right fit for you or suggest other methods that may better suit your needs. If you are inquiring about a Nexus Letter, we will review your case and records to determine if a Nexus letter is appropriate for your case.

The DBQ Process

If you elect to use our service, you will work with a REE Medical Benefit Consultant to review your current disabilities. The rest of our highly-trained staff will ensure that you feel confident in our ability to assist you throughout the process. You will be scheduled for an in-person examination with a medical provider who will perform the necessary exams, and complete all of your Disability Benefits Questionnaires. REE Medical is dedicated to helping veterans obtain accurate, thorough Disability Benefit Questionnairs and we take the necessary time needed to ensure that each veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. When you choose to work with REE Medical, your case will be managed with expert attention and care.

Submit Your Claim

After a thorough final review of your signed documents, we will then provide you with your completed Disability Benefit Questionnaires. We offer helpful and detailed instructions, so you feel confident in submitting your claim to the VA.

Our Network Of Doctors

We utilize highly trained doctors throughout the United States. We only work with the best doctors who are passionate about providing excellent service to veterans and giving them the attention they deserve.

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