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We Are REE Medical

At REE Medical, we are passionate about taking care of Veterans and are dedicated to ensuring that each Veteran we work with receives the disability examination that they deserve. Our number one priority is delivering quality service. Our entire staff is highly trained and fully dedicated to serving those who served.

Our Process

Free Consultation

After submitting your online inquiry, one of our Benefit Consultants will call you directly. We will review your current disability breakdown one-on-one with you and discuss each disability that you aim to increase. This is a great time to ask any questions about our process and let us know how your conditions have worsened. We will then determine if our service is the right fit for you or suggest other methods that may better suit your needs.

The DBQ Process

If you elect to use our service, you will work with a REE Medical Benefit Consultant to review your current disabilities. The rest of our highly-trained staff will ensure that you feel confident in our ability to assist you throughout the process. You will be scheduled for an in-person examination with a medical provider who will perform the necessary exams, and complete all of your Disability Benefits Questionnaires.

Submit Your Claim

After a thorough final review of your signed documents, we will then provide you with your completed Disability Benefit Questionnaires. We offer helpful and detailed instructions, so you feel confident in submitting your claim to the VA.

You're In Good Company

"Get what you deserve. Don't leave it into the hands of VA contracted C&P exams. The staff was quick to communicate and meticulously prepared all evidence needed for my exam. They prepare your records properly in a way that helps your examiner give you a proper DBQ. They helped me increase from 50-100%. The claim took all of 13 days from filing to decision. Well worth your time and money."

Christopher A.

"REE Medical did a superb job in assisting me with getting my VA benefits. REE walked me thru the process and answers all my questions. My rating went from 70% to 100% total and permanently disabled. I will recommend this business to other veterans stuck in the bureaucracy in trying to obtain the benefits they have earned. I'm totally satisfied with the professional service I received from REE Medical."

McArthur B.

"Thanks to REE Medical I was able to accomplish my goal in two months with them assisting me. I have been trying for twenty one years to accomplish that goal. Everyone that assisted me was very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of my claim. I would recommend REE Medical to any veteran for assistance with their claim."

William K.

"They are nothing but the truth. No pressure just experienced staff that know what they are doing. It is a no nonsense company that understands the medical terminology. I had been standing still at a percentage for about 4 years and count not get over the hump. Thanks for all your hard work at getting me to my requested desire. Highly recommended."

Keith C.

"I'm so thankful I contacted REE Medical on a friend's advice. The process is too easy! Everyone at REE is so friendly and helpful and more importantly, very responsive to inquiries. They walk you through every step of the process and have answers (the RIGHT answers) when issues arise. I can't thank REE enough for their help and highly recommend them to everyone."

Rich K.